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Today’s news – Friday, April 14, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “”It’s kind of crude the way we drop them, but obviously the impact is pretty impressive.”– Dr. Conrad Crane, the chief of historical services at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, in this article about the dropping of the Mother of All Bombs … and there were no civilians living in the area? The insanity of a “no-goal” war continues.

Another quote …Many folks don’t get every nuance of government and politics. But everybody gets entitled and/or brutish personal behavior. – Extracted from Philadelphia columnist John Baer’s piece about the bad behavior of Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor and his wife.

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  • An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reveals corporate welfare is alive as a local hospital behemoth (already well healed) requests an $18.5 million grant from the state to help fund a new downtown Lancaster project to build a parking garage “toward a total project cost of $71.4 million.”
  • Next … trial, law suits and jail time … if there’s justice!


  • Not everyone agrees with Lancaster City’s decision to provide broadband connectivity. – Lancaster Online

fire and yard sales

  • Follow this instructional maze: “Important Seasonal Code Information – Please click ‘Departments and Services’/’Seasonal Code Information’ for information on Garage/Yard Sales and Outdoor Burning (Fire Pits).”