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Brochure prompts social media comments

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Following Monday’s council meeting, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this:

columbia brochure

  • The newly created Columbia Map and Guide was available for meeting participants last night. It’s a glossy multi-fold, full color product that lists Columbia’s attractions. Also, citizens learned that the borough newsletter has been been published and will be mailed to all borough residents. Perhaps the newsletter will be produced as a digital version and posted at the borough Website, too.

Today, there’s a long string of comments with observations about the brochure that was mailed to Columbia residents beginning with this facebook post:

“I took a closer look at the Columbia brochure and I am saddened and quite shocked that they would advertise a Men’s club to tourist instead of a business that is a standing stone of this community…What are we saying to vistors….”

Today’s news – Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “I’m special, so special – I gotta have some of your attention give it to me” – Extracted from the lyrics of The Pretenders, Brass in Pocket. [Also the motto for a lot of folks, including a fair share of elected public servants. Chyssie Hind might have been special in one song, but Hint – you’re not.]

Another quote … Accountability is not a dirty word in public service. Unless, of course, you’re only serving yourself. – From the editorial in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

susquehanna riverlandsColumbia’s Market House is featured in one of the scrolling headers at the newly revamped Susquehanna Riverlands Website.

“Time to ‘Upcycle’”The Merchandiserupcycle“Children explored the properties of wind with activities like making and racing sailboats at the Susquehanna Saturday event in March. The next Susquehanna Saturday is set to take place on April 15 at the Columbia Crossing River Trail Center.” – PHOTO SOURCE: The Merchandiser

  • More about the April event from Columbia Crossing’s facebook page: “upcycle: [uhp-sahy-kuh l] verb (used with object), upcycled, upcycling.  1.Turning used goods or waste material into something better than the original. This Saturday join us and LCSWMA for the last Susquehanna Saturday for the season! Welcome spring and create a zinnia seed starter from a cardboard tube and turn old magazines into beads and art! Saturday April 15th- 10am-4pm drop in and create! Suggested donation: $2 per person.

spring cleanup

  • Columbia’s spring clean up is announced at the Borough Website – Or click on the above graphic to download the file as a .pdf for sharing, printing or to enlarge.

from this local facebook page

airport propertyA better view of the airport property – the one the Borough announced it was purchasing at the Monday night council meeting.Loopnet.com

  • Shopping isn’t dead: More malls are struggling as anchor stores close and online shopping continues to dominate. But at least one part of the bricks-and-mortar retail industry is still thriving: outlet malls. These centers are a surging source of profits for retailers and pitch themselves as shopping destinations for tourists and cost-conscious brand hunters. Retailers have found that when it comes to bricks and mortar, outlets are a better bet. They’ve become the most profitable distribution channel for some brands. According to experts, when shoppers go to outlets, they spend more time there and buy more than at traditional malls.  But the challenge for outlet malls will be to maintain shoppers’ excitement. Remember, once upon a time, traditional malls were the place to be.” – MarketPlace

mdeia freedom

  • An international perspective | “On the other hand, as a watchdog in politics, the media has the duty of criticizing decision-makers in society, but it will be possible only if the media and journalists are independent, because the majority of mass media channels are created by politicians/political parties to serve their own interests, which means the authorities generally control media coverage and repress its independence.” – Column from an Armenian living in Romania arraratonline.com
  • Randy Harris, Lancaster Historian, a presentation at the Groff’s Funeral and Cremation Services on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM: “Lancaster’s Rich History of Activism – How the abolitionist and antislavery activists gave rise to the Underground Railroad Movement.”