weak recollections of high school history

nut jobs

Some of us have better recollections of junior high school and high school history (Apologies, Mr. Yost, for not paying more attention during those classes). Our recollections are clouded by decades but we have a blurred recollection of the seating of the French National Assembly. We vaguely recall, the Assembly met in the Tuileries Palace and the seating was akin to the graphic above, but more U-shaped.

Watching the political spectrum antics locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, we see a reversion to “left wing and right wing nut jobs” everywhere.

So “Where did the terms “left wing” and “right wing” come from?”

And Wikipedia gives more a lot more information about the beginnings of Left-Right politics!

Left wing and right wing nut jobs are described well in this “1985 article by Herbert McClosky and Dennis Chong”:

“Nevertheless, while the two camps embrace different programmatic beliefs, both are deeply estranged from certain features of American society and highly critical of what they perceive as the spiritual and moral degeneration of American institutions. Both view American society as dominated by conspiratorial forces that are working to defeat their respective ideological aims.

“The degree of their alienation is intensified by the zealous and unyielding manner in which they hold their beliefs. Both camps possess an inflexible psychological and political style characterized by the tendency to view social and political affairs in crude, unambiguous and stereotypical terms. They see political life as a conflict between ‘us’ and ‘them’, a struggle between good and evil played out on a battleground where compromise amounts to capitulation and the goal is total victory.

“The far left and the far right also resemble each other in the way they pursue their political goals. Both are disposed to censor their opponents, to deal harshly with enemies, to sacrifice the well-being even of the innocent in order to serve a ‘higher purpose’, and to use cruel tactics if necessary to ‘persuade’ society of the wisdom of their objectives. Both tend to support (or oppose) civil liberties in a highly partisan and self-serving fashion, supporting freedom for themselves and for the groups and causes they favor while seeking to withhold it from enemies and advocates of causes they dislike.” – SOURCE:TheMonkeyCage.org

And so, we get classic claptrap as this: “Sean Spicer: It’s ‘Literally Impossible’ to Analyze Trump Care’s Costs, But We’ll Vote on it Anyway.”

And corporations and religions get equal or superior placement to citizens.

But the world’s seen all this before.

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