Today’s news – Sunday, June 4, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … As De-Pasquale pointed out, if you’re planning to raise taxes, ‘you should be fully disclosing to the taxpayers why.’ We would add that school districts should also readily disclose how much they are holding in reserve. – Taken from today’s LNP – Always Lancaster editorial about school districts’ penchant for raising property taxes and not being fully transparent with citizens.

Another quote for today … Smith’s Hotel and Bar in Columbia has been around for a long time. Comment following the Lancaster Online article about places to eat outside.

A third quote … “Clearly, this budget fails agriculture and rural America.” – Extract from this Delta Farm Press article about the new administration’s cuts agriculture and farmers.

And a fourth … “Please advise your younger ones, if they’re prone to being involved in trouble, to keep themselves OFF of the 100 block of South 4th this summer. WE, that is the residents that give a damn, are NOT having it this year! Fight involving 20-30 Young folks late this evening, supposed gun, chaos, NONE of them live here. We’re out there this year, so you shouldn’t be. Look out for your friends, neighbors, and neighborhood.” – A post at this facebook page: What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area.

We are so lucky!!!music

  • Lancaster Newspapers-owned  Elizabethtown Advocate joins its other weekly newspaper holdings which include Ephrata and Lititz.

062017 photosThe condemned structure is next-door to the parking lot and bus stop adjacent to the Police Station. But because a property has been identified with a sign stating it’s condemned, doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be inhabited. Here’s the link to the borough’s “Condemnation” code.

  • A bunch of letters-to-the-editors in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster blast US Representative Smucker about his less than open (truthful) comments spouting the party line on the American Care Act.
  • Deeds recorded: “Christopher E. Will and Rebekah L. Will conveyed property on a public road to Susque River Apartments LLC for $310,000. The property is at the southeast corner of Third & Linden Streets, also known as 300-302 Linden Street.


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