It’s all about the “love.”

You gotta’ love it when FOX43-TV and PennLive have reported a Strasburg-area house fire with three fatalities (murder-suicide) and other local media resources haven’t yet.

You gotta’ love John Baer! The Philadelphia columnist hits the target about the smarmy deeds that the “elected public servants” we keep sending to Harrisburg to serve the public. Here’s his column from a few days ago:

“Pennsylvania public officials take gifts because they can”

You gotta’ love this too! In a cost-cutting move, the Columbia Borough School District is using pink paper someone found in a supply trove to publish copies of the meeting agendas for citizens who attend meetings. Now, if only the citizens would show up to pick up the copies.


You gotta’ love it when the borough’s Email Alert Sign Up Now sends out notices supporting its contracted entities


“There will be a Breakfast at the Columbia Crossing Building (River Park) for anyone who has volunteered there as well as for anyone who is interested in volunteering there in the future. The breakfast begins at 8:30am on June 12, 2017.  New information regarding updates to the trail and facility will be presented.  There will also be a discussion regarding volunteer scheduling for the Summer.”

You gotta’ love it when there’s open notices about government actions: “Joint Feasibility Meeting – Joint Feasibility Study group, consisting of representatives from Columbia Borough and Columbia Borough School District, will meet in the Council meeting room, 308 Locust Street, on June 14th at 5:00 p.m. to consider whether there is sufficient interest to pursue a study concerning the possible consolidation of  School District, Borough administration offices and the Borough Police Department at the School District Administration Office, 200 N 5th St, Columbia.”

You’d love it even more if the meeting was not being held at a time when most people are working or on the way home from work or getting ready for a family dinner. What’s wrong with evening meetings?

You gotta love it when a government agency gets real! Seriously, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is conducting an emergency preparedness exercise and sharing information. Quite unlike local agencies.

“Volunteer Actors Needed for Keystone 6 Exercise!

Tuesday, August 15 – 10am-1pm

Lunch provided

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is sponsoring an exercise and we need volunteers! This exercise is called Keystone 6 and is focused on mass care and sheltering during a large-scale disaster. The scenario is based on a large nuclear explosion in New Jersey that drives people to evacuate into Pennsylvania. We are testing our capabilities for opening state managed shelters at both Penn State University’s Harrisburg campus (Middletown) and Shippensburg University.

To see how we might accomplish this, we need people to serve as actors and go through the registration process at the shelter locations, as an evacuee might. We hope to have people with disabilities or other access and functional needs participate so we can practice how we would meet these needs in a real situation.

We promise you do not have to sleep on a cot! Lunch will be provided and you will also be provided information to assist you in forming your own emergency preparedness plan. No reimbursement is available for travel or time.

We need your help so we can best plan for the needs of all Pennsylvanians!

Interested individuals please contact Christine Heyser at or 717-461-0389 with the following information:

1. Name

2. Preferred location: PSU Harrisburg or Shippensburg

3. Special dietary needs for lunch, if any

4. Optional: If you are a person with a disability or other access or functional need, would you be willing to briefly describe the need(s)?

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