Miscellania – on the longest day of the year

  • Columbia School Board of Directors says 2017-2018 budget is a go in record short-time special meeting.
  • On the subject of short-time, since today is the longest day of the year tomorrow the days start getting shorter. SIGH.



  • Why can we not have an American party that gives a “rats ass” about keeping this country great. About really serving its people rather than the uber-wealthy bastards who write checks to the “elected public servants.” Hah!
  • A Borough Blast: “ATTENTION – Good News … the new STREET SWEEPER will resume operation in Columbia Borough on Monday, June 26, 2017.The sweeper will follow the normal route so please note the days and times of operation before parking on Columbia Borough streets. Please share this information with friends and neighbors. Thank you!”
  • Family First Health will be hosting an event on July 25th at Perfect Settings in Columbia. We will be doing a brief update about what’s happening at our Columbia site, as well as information on the current state of the Affordable Care Act and Medical Assistance. To join us please register here to be taken to the Facebook event page.
  • It’s anerobic digester time | “A two-step method that includes hydrothermal liquefaction and anaerobic digestion can speed up the process of making biofuel from food waste while reducing carbon use, new research suggests.” – Futurity.org
  • “small cabal of old impotent white men clandestinely put together an enormous tax break for the rich at the cost of millions of people’s lives.” Great line describing the clique of “elected public servants” stacking the deck against Americans. – The Daily Kos

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