Today’s news – Thursday, June 29, 2017

News and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “Legislators’ urge to flee Harrisburg without a balanced budget resembles Cinderella fleeing the ball when the clock strikes midnight—but this story won’t have a fairy tale ending.” – From this column: “PA Budget: What the Constitution Mandates” The Commonwealth Foundation

A second quote … This is a party that’s the best argument for registering as an independent voter and pushing for open primaries in each and every state.” – A narrative of the Democratic party, from this John Baer column.

trust Certainly not the “elected public servants” we hire to do govern. Is this any way to run a state?

  • Who is to blame for Pennsylvania’s pension gap? | “The debt originated in the early 2000s when legislators gave all state employees–including themselves–lucrative pension boosts. Since funds were flush at the time, they didn’t allocate money to pensions for a few years.” – WITF
  • But a communications plan is needed there, too. Take down (or update) the existing Website. It confuses Customers.

top 1 percentThese are the folks at the top of the “wage earner” pile. Remember this is just wages and doesn’t count other sources of wealth. The Social Security Administration shows “50 percent of wage earners had net compensation less than or equal to the median wage, which is estimated to be $29,930.13 for 2015.” [NOTE: The full chart of incomes and earners is here.]

  • Of the largest borough’s in Lancaster County, Columbia is the only one with no July Fourth fireworks. BUT … in Mountville, there will be fireworks according to an article in last Sunday’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “The borough’s 4th of July Fireworks will take place at dusk at Froelich Park, 350 W. Main St., Mountville. Rain date is July 2. For details, call 717-285-5547.”

Today – in 1863bridge burningThe bridge was set on fire

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