Some “scenes seen” strolling in two towns on sultry Sunday afternoon

The parking lot at the Turkey Hill Experience was crowded; no doubt, visitors succumbed to the air-conditioned home of ice-cream making magic. Meanwhile street traffic in Columbia and Marietta in the sweltering heat of the high temperature hours, not many people were in the streets or the sidewalks. Those who we did see were riding bicycles along Marietta’s Front Street. Today’s sojourn did not take in the River Park in either town.

mad dogs

Probably a bit of both, we ambled the main streets and several side streets and spied these scenes.

20170702_164759In Columbia, trolley stop signs have sprung up around town. This one is in the 400 block of Locust Street.

20170702_164835The result a loss of at least three metered parking spots here.


20170702_152317But right in front of a condemned property – visitors love to see this.

20170702_153039And next to a gallery venue.

And right across the street from an establishment with one of many “border town-like” flashing signs. The same signs that are forbidden by the town’s codes.

And then, the trolley came by …20170702_153322 (1)with only a couple of riders on it.

tomatoesA favorite sign of summer!

flowers beeBusy bee on flowers.


20170702_165205Marietta, as Wrightsville, uses the signage that says it is the state law to yield to pedestrians in designated crosswalks. “When traffic-control signals are not in place or not in operation, the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.” – Pennsylvania statute

churchColumbia’s got seriously gorgeous skyline properties.

hotelsAnother and …

house on Locusta house on a lower numbered Locust Street block.

BLIGHT20170702_160538And this eyesore and impediment to economic development is in the heart of Columbia.

The Mayfly is another story, though.20170702_154453

20170702_162724 (1)Shopped at The Mayfly, 8 South Third Street, Columbia to look about and cool off. Bought a few gifts – Columbia-emblazoned goblets.

On the topic of mayflies … 20170702_155611A mayfly happy hunting ground.

20170702_144533A number of homes in Marietta display this sign.

 – more scenes seen to come in a day or two –







  1. Thanks for the pictures! I remember when the vacant building was a jewelry store, selling high quality items. Warren’s.

    How long will it take to get any investors interested in these buildings? It’s like a ghost town.

  2. There’ve been promises that “things are in the works,” but there’s an old saw that goes like this: “THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING!”

    It means “that the end result is the mark of the success or failure of one’s efforts or planning.”

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