Today’s news – Monday, July 3, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”The arrogance of NJ’s governor, an elected public servant, in this Newark Star-Ledger ( article.

A second quote … The odor of garlic has been shown to be effective in repelling mayflies.” – Offered by a commenter in a string about the mayflies at this facebook site.

rrpixTower at diamond crossing, Walkerton, Indiana – BBC, a photo series on The empty railways of America.

donald-trump-2036154_960_720No fake news! When we keyed in “insanity” here, this image is one that was generated. Who knew? Almost everyone, it appears.

  • “My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!”Tweet from POTUS.
  • According to Wikipedia, “Insanity, craziness, or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including a person becoming a danger to themselves or others, though not all such acts are considered insanity; likewise, not all acts showing indifference toward societal norms are acts of insanity. In modern usage, insanity is most commonly encountered as an informal unscientific term denoting mental instability, or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense. In the medical profession the term is now avoided in favor of diagnoses of specific psychiatric diseases; the presence of delusions or hallucinations is broadly referred to as psychosis.[
  • This is insanity | Portland Republicans voted this week to invite heavily armed militia groups to provide security at public events. – The Portland Mercury

At the Columbia Public Library today!3-life insurance


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