five more facts – 7/13/2017

lnpThe “hold-it-in-your-hands” version has been delivered. We’re read The New York Times; Morning Call; Lebanon Daily News and several other online publications, but the online version of LNP – Always Lancaster is not available at 6:00 am. A call to the Customer Service department yielded no results other than there is a problem. At 7:20 am, Thursday’s e-edition is now up and running.

A1-OneManFire-Final-v2How long will small town fire and EMS departments survive?PublicSource article

legal noticeA couple legal notices with Columbia relevance are at Lancaster Online | Flavor Approved Fresh Food and Shift Forward, Inc



Related to Monday’s Council Meeting agenda item I – 5. ” Lindsay Brenner & Tim Hess, 1020 Cloverton Drive.”

big tobaccoSwamp draining continues – smoke ’em if you got ’em. | “Tobacco companies tighten hold on Washington under Trump – Top White House figures – including the vice-president and health secretary – have deep ties to an industry whose donations began pouring in on day one.” – The Guardian



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