some news items | 7/18/17

cherriesUm-m-m-m, can you just taste ’em? Dark sweet cherries …. The Produce Geek says, “Nothing like a delicious bowl of sweet cherries to slow down with, to enjoy – indulge! Cherry season 2017 is here and if love this special fruit treat – July is your time! Get them while they’re at their peak. By mid-August they’ll be all but gone until next summer.”

tiny house“Is America ready for a nation of micro-houses? | “How Tiny Homes Could Spur Affordable Housing, Ease Gentrification, Reduce Consumerism and Help the Environment.” – This tiny house photo above is from Liberation Tiny Houses, 101 Ashmore Dr, Leola, PA 17540.

19 stem

20- spencer

robberHere’s what’s really got the “Kintuckian’s” goat. As “elected public servant” (not ours, thankfully) Mitch McConnell gets geared up for revenge politics, he’s all fired up because his buddies – the ones who want his kind of draconian healthcare, the big insurers, aren’t getting enough profits. Read this piece: “America’s Real Health Care Debate: How to Stop Insurers from Robbing Us Blind.”

A single payer platform would eliminate them and their profits!

profit “Rand Paul Exposes GOP Health Care Bill as “Giant Bailout Superfund for Insurance Companies”

bodycamBut what if they don’t want to follow the stantards?The Minneapolis, MN shooting. Over the weekend, a woman called 911 to report a possible sexual assault happening near her Minneapolis home. Two officers responded, and one of them ended up shooting her. It’s unclear how this ended up happening. Minneapolis officers started wearing body cameras last summer to capture evidence in moments like this, but these officers didn’t have their cameras turned on. The victim’s family is demanding answers and authorities have launched an investigation.” – The Daily Skimm


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