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Mary Loreto, Columbia’s visionary & guardian

In Everyday Living, History and Heritage, In Columbia, People on July 20, 2017 at 5:09 pm

A look back at several of the articles about Mary Loreto at Columbia news, views & reviews.

Mary Loreto – Columbia’s guardian

“Our Lady of the Angels School’s Hall of Fame gathering on Saturday” – January 2013

“waiting to see what’s next – July 1011

“not to be served, but to serve” – chapter 1 – April 2011

“not to be served, but to serve” – chapter 2 – April 2011


  1. Columbia lost a great lady on Wednesday. Mary Loreto was a champion for the poor and less fortunate. It was her foresight that along with a few others gave Columbia Trinity House and St. Peter’s apartment. She was very active at St. Peter’s Catholic Church and also the CAP program.
    Mary, Columbia will miss you. Your family can rest assured, that the work God had in mind for you is complete and now,you can rest in His arms.

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