a circuitous read | commentary stemming from a sandwich purchase at Rose’s

rose collageCOMMENTARY | Dropped by Rose’s Deli and more one day recently for a sandwich to go. If you’re one of the few who’s not been there, do go. The shifters there are the stuff legends are made of. Stop in 13 North Fourth Street or call for ” … a shifter, sub, wraps, soups, or just about anything you request, if we have the ingredients we will make for our customers. and don’t forget about all the fresh made desserts and baked goods.”

cheesesteaksAnd very recently, Rose’s Deli began making cheese steaks. Everyone knows that Columbia’s got several establishments with cheese steak bragging rights. During a conversation, a friend said “Rose’s cheese steaks are the best around.” With that recommendation, we decided to try the cheese steaks. Know what, it was really good and may deserve the bragging rights. Give it a try.

So while paying for the order, we chatted with an ebullient, gregarious and smiling person who rang up the order. We talked about the “very up-town” credit card device at Rose’s and she asked whether we had the Perka app on our mobile device.

Perka is a digital loyalty marketing platform allows Customers to earn “perks” that the participating retailer may use as a Customer-reward system. The person at the checkout coached us to download the app to begin earning rewards with the purchase we’d just made. Though not a super fan of bunches of phone apps, this one is really easy, fast and “Customer-friendly.” And Perka users earn benefits and discounts with purchases at Rose’s.

Somehow the conversation meandered to the “end of cash” as a purchasing option. Visa, the credit card giant, just announced it’s going to incentivize a segment of small merchants – “The company that processes more credit and debit card transactions than any other is offering food vendors and restaurants across the U.S. rewards of up to $10,000 for upgrades to technology that encourage electronic payment – on condition that they stop accepting cash.

We mentioned that we’re reading a novel that is placed in the future. In the novel, “The Mandibles | A Family, 2029-2047”, in the year 2029, the American economy has completely crashed and commodities, utilities and everything else comes to an abrupt “new normal.” 

Amazon’s review says: “In 2029, the United States is engaged in a bloodless world war that will wipe out the savings of millions of American families. Overnight, on the international currency exchange, the ‘almighty dollar’ plummets in value, to be replaced by a new global currency, the ‘bancor.’ In retaliation, the president declares that America will default on its loans. ‘Deadbeat Nation’ being unable to borrow, the government prints money to cover its bills. What little remains to savers is rapidly eaten away by runaway inflation.”

How does this novel turn out? Don’t know, we’re still reading The Mandibles.

Which brings us to “USA Live Stats.” The United States’ debt now exceeds 19 trillion dollars. Consumer debt continues to increase. The compensation of a Fortune 500 company chief is over 350 times higher than the average American. These and many more statistics and numbers are at USA Live Stats.

Here’s a global look at more metrics at Worldometers.

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