TGIF – 7/28/17

nsaty weatherClick on the graphic above for details.

scca winner Please come to the Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts (SCCA) tomorrow evening, July 28 for its Second Reception, featuring a Juried Art Exhibition at the SCCA. “We have an excellent show and will be open 5-9 pm.” Above is a photo the First Prize Winner, by Susan Gottlieb.

4th fridaysYep! According to the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Website: “Fourth Friday is a monthly happening inviting the public to enjoy an evening visiting galleries, antique, restaurants, specialty shops & various venues in Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville. The evening provides opportunities to view exhibits from local and regional artists, to enjoy refreshments, special events and promotions, while discovering the distinct charm of the Susquehanna River communities.  Check back for July’s details!”

Honestly, that’s what the Website says. But then the Website still lists the former executive director as the executive director.


SCARY TRIOScary photo | Three of the scariest people around. Good thing the the folks in Alaska aren’t scared of them!

kintuckian chief flunkyCOMMENTARY | The other scary one has decided to “move on” after his contrived and failed effort of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. He and his ilk of out-of-touch “elected public servants now move on to who knows what. Let them scallywags (Toomey and Smucker) know now and at the next election their shenanigans on behalf of their masters are done. Tell them “We will vote you out!”

silent paradeAlways leading, Google recognizes The Silent Parade today. One hundred years ago, the organizers of The Silent Parade held the event and said “We march because by the Grace of God and the force of truth, the dangerous, hampering walls of prejudice and inhuman injustices must fall. We march because we want to make impossible a repetition of Waco, Memphis and East St. Louis, by rousing the conscience of the country and bring the murderers of our brothers, sisters, and innocent children to justice.

“We march because we deem it a crime to be silent in the face of such barbaric acts.”

Another flyer claimed: “We march in memory of our butchered dead, the massacre of honest toilers who were removing the reproach of laziness and thriftlessness hurled at the entire race. They died to prove our worthiness to live. We live in spite of death shadowing us and ours.” 

100 years later, little has changed.

lancaster-spca-logoReprehensible, despicable and unacceptable lousy communication.

Despite many media stories about the Lancaster County SPCA’s closing, there is NOTHING AT THE AGENCY’S WEBSITE.

Its facebook page notes: “Due to the recent announcement of the Lancaster SPCA closing, we have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails. We are unable to respond to each individual request.”

“Lancaster County SPCA to close as animal lovers rush to adopt pets” FOX43-TV

What ever happened to the planned Columbia family foundation that was going to “support a pet rescue organization?

One comment

  1. What happened to the family funded animal shelter is that since it was not an idea from certain elected officials and would not cost the borough any money, just a piece of unused land, it was not a good idea.

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