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Five more news items | 7/30/17

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2017 at 8:05 pm

loss of democracyDemocracy can vanish – seemingly in an instant – any where.

Democracy changes to despotic rule in Venezuela.

Democracy changes to despotic rule in Turkey.

Could it happen here?

freedom“There were setbacks in political rights, civil liberties, or both, in a number of countries rated ‘Free’ by the report, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Tunisia, and the United States.” – Freedom House

nationfest“The Turkey Hill Nation FEST on October 14 will feature fun and games for the whole family.”

brucekies- va“Join us in a Shout Out to the bikers and friends of Veterans who helped Brucekies in Columbia raise funds for the Veterans of South Central Pennsylvania in their first annual Veterans Bike Run. Bruce and Jane Murray, US Army Veterans Bill and Beth Preston, Eddie Miller, Pat Wiker and Donald VanAulen dropped off a very generous donation. Despite bad weather they had approximately 90 bikes in their benefit run. Thank you all! Good luck next year.” – a post at the Lebanon VA Medical Center facebook page

brucekies license transfer
PLCB Website


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