Five (make it six) things you may want to know about on this last day of July | 7/31/2017

rulesSurprisingly, the way many municipalities across the state have tried to keep track of who lives there is to have imposed MOVING PERMITS.

North Whitehall Township in the Lehigh Valley says, “Moving Permits are required to move into, move out, and move within North Whitehall Township.”

Westmont Borough in Cambria County says, “Moving Permits – A moving permit is required prior to moving into, within, or out of the Borough. Landlords are responsible for notifying their tenants.”

Lots of these Northampton County municipalities require Moving Permits.

Who knows, they probably enforce their codes!

living below the line

“New estimates from the 2016 Elder Economic Security Standard Index™ suggest that half of older adults living alone, and one out of four older adults living in two-elder households, lack the financial resources required to pay for basic needs.”

elder economic security standard

Click here to read this Boston Globe article about how elderly residents struggle to pay their bills in its entirety.

amendmentAdvertisements in daily newspapers across the commonwealth serve as a PUBLIC NOTICE of an upcoming Pennsylvania Constitutional amendment to Allow Local Taxing Authorities to Exempt Full Value of Homestead Amendment.”

Here’s more about the Homestead Tax Exemption at the State’s Department of Community and Economic Development.

licuor license auctionsWho’s buying those liquor licenses? Central Penn Business Journal


OH NORecent post with a string.

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