Wednesday – 9/13/17

WHITE PAPER REPORTNow posted, see below at the end of this column.


Jury pronounces Rentas guiltyLancaster Online

scales of justice“Deliberations to resume Wednesday in trial of Columbia teen accused of trying to kill police” Lancaster Online

Measuring the Nation's Social and Economic Well-BeingIncome, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2016

Image result for irs 990

In Mountville: “Fire company gets funding after ‘misinformation’ is cleared up ” – Lancaster Online

millennials like librariesUnironically appreciating the library: Here is something millennials can’t be blamed for killing: libraries. In fact, millennials are more likely to visit their local branch than baby boomers or Gen Xers, according to a Pew study. We took a look at what libraries are doing to get the biggest living generation through their doors. Ends up libraries have been changing with the times, offering a range of services, like free beer-brewing classes, the chance to borrow the “Hamilton” soundtrack, and live music concerts and art events.” – MarketPlace

Library ground breaking

update the website

Unchanged melody and an unchanged Website (out-of-date) school closing info still posted at the School District Website.

Where’s the pride? And where’s the “promised white paper?”

WHITE PAPER REPORTNow posted at the Website, the White Paper is 60 pages long with four pages and a run-over of pertinent to Columbia information. This will take a while to download.

“The relatively scant statutory guidance for district mergers, combined with the historical infrequency of actual district mergers (together with the somewhat contradictory empirical evidence of the financial and educational benefits of district mergers) coalesce to create a very uncertain procedural and substantive case for district mergers.

Simply put, there are too many variables to consider on a case-by-case scenario to draw any universal conclusions about the efficacy of a district merger process. While the potential exists that a merger would be a benefit to the students of the Columbia Borough School District, that potential is not a certainty; it is equally possible that any benefit to the students could be outweighed by the financial burden placed upon the
tax payers of the respective, or newly combined, districts.

As a result, the only realistic way to ascertain the viability of a proposed merger is to take serious, affirmative steps to analyze the current and future climate of the Columbia Borough School District and any potential (willing) district merger counterparts.

However, absent the consent of a willing district-merger counterpart, it would seem notably premature for the Columbia Borough School District to incur the expenses associated with such a merger feasibility study.



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