1020 Cloverton Drive residents read statement at last night’s council meeting (audio files)

At last night’s council meeting, Columbia residents Tim Hess and Lindsey Brenner made yet another appeal to the councillors; an appeal to get help from the borough for a flooding problem they contend is a safety hazard, a public health threat and the borough’s responsibility.

Brenner and her husband, Tim, live at 1020 Cloverton Drive and they assert, and can prove, the borough has responsibility for storm water drainage and runoff for the community where they live.

Brenner and Hess wanted to read a prepared statement; they provided copies of the statement to the councillors before she spoke.

The audio recording of last night’s statement follows below in three parts. This is necessary due to the file size limitations of our Website provider. The statement is in three parts – is approximately five minutes in length.

Brenner insisted that her statement be included with the minutes for this meeting.

Here are links to previous Columbia news, views & reviews reports on their 1020 Cloverton property concerns:





At the April 2017 meeting – “Three other citizens came to the meeting to discuss an issue – we think about storm water. Council shunted the citizens into an anteroom to discuss their observations with Ron Miller, the public works director.” (two of those citizens were Hess and Brenner and their neighbor) – https://columbianewsandviews.com/?s=shunted

Interestingly, there is no mention of this at the April 10, 2017 meeting minutes.


One comment

  1. Lindsey Brenner for Council!
    Outstanding presentation last night and to come to Council Chambers and embarrass Columbia Borough. I checked out the Hess Deed and it states that the property line is above the retention pond, and is deemed as authority.
    Why would a Councilor sit there with no arbitration or solution for this poor citizens complaint. This should have been under the Codes Department and resolved without public embarrassment in the Council Chambers. Clear cut case of ” not another job” attitude this Borough is not claiming the responsibility of resolution. Come on Council. This audio had crickets chirping in the background.
    Well if they have not maintained this retention basin with $100.000 in the bank. Why is there only $47,000 left in the coffer?
    Wouldn’t a Lindsey Brenner shake this Council up! Get rid of this spending spree of a government that is sponsored by Tyvek on the 200 block of Locust Street.

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