Who is responsible? A standoff about water runoff


Columbia property owners, Tim Hess and his wife, Lindsey Brenner, were on the agenda (click to listen to the portion of the agenda in which the exchange between Hess and Brenner and the borough representatives at the Monday night borough council meeting. They’ve spoken at council meetings several times before as they have tried to plead their concerns about the flooding behind their property at 1020 Cloverton Drive.

Concerns about safety and public health risks that are created, they state, and exacerbated by poor drainage maintenance. They contend the borough is responsible to fix the draining issue on their property.

In spite of previous borough responses, including some attempted repairs by borough personnel, the borough has retracted its actions and now suggests the couple have their legal representation make contact with the borough’s legal counsel.

The situation is not unlike this one reported by ABC affiliate, Channel 27:

“Man says township should pay for flood damage on his property.”

According to the article, “In general, township, borough, and city leaders worry that paying someone like Madrazo will mean paying out lots of similar cases with tax dollars. But Madrazo says he hopes this battle will help others protect their money, their rights, and their properties.”



Video of water accumulation following heavy rains; the accumulation of water renders the land near the spillway to wet to mow and maintain. Additionally, the property owners are concerned with the safety of children who play in the back yard area.

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