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Who is responsible – after the dedication of the streets?

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agreement highlighted

Background information

Who is responsible? Following last week’s borough council meeting at which the residents of 1020 Cloverton Drive, Tim Hess and Lindsey Brenner, presented their cause to the councillors. Their cause is not a new issue; they maintain the borough is culpable and responsible to fix the water collection issue on their property.

maint agr 1

maint agr 2

The document (admittedly difficult to read) is the Maintenance Agreement filed with the County. It states:

“All other maintenance responsibilities including but not limited to: cleaning and repairing of all drain piping; rip rap swales and other related storm water retention apparatus shall be the sole responsibility of the developer indefinitely or until such time that the developer’s responsibilities are accepted by the Borough of Columbia as part of the dedication of the streets and storm water system.”

H-m-m-m, wonder who has responsibility for Cloverton Drive’s street cleaning, maintenance and snow removal?

Wonder which municipality is collecting the residents of Cloverton Drive’s properties taxes?

Wonder which municipality has been collecting liquid fuels revenues for Cloverton Drive?

If the the answers to the above questions are Columbia Borough, it appears the borough is the owner … and according to the above document is responsible for “cleaning and repairing of all drain piping; rip rap swales and other related storm water retention apparatus.”


  1. Way to go Columbia News and Views! Looks like you nailed it!

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