“Right of Way Photos: Pennsylvania Residents in Path of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Brace for Fight Over Construction” – The Intercept

pipeline“A sign demarcating Williams-owned land at the southern terminus of the planned Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline near Buck, Pa., on July 17, 2017.”

“If you know where to look, you can spot them along the roadsides as you drive through the hilly farmland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Short wooden stakes stand exactly 50 feet apart, topped with orange tape. The markers seem benign, but for many Lancaster residents, the threat they represent is anything but: These poles mark the proposed path of the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline.

“The Atlantic Sunrise project is a $3 billion expansion of natural gas giant Williams’s Transco pipeline network. Building it will require burying a 42-inch pipe under miles of Amish country, below farms and rivers, in the face of opposition from many Lancaster residents.

“Many of the pipeline’s opponents are already in open rebellion.”

Continue reading this article (and take a look at the photos) at The Intercept.


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