Monday – 8/20/2017

ronnie smithRonnie Howard Smith Obituary

“Former Columbia High standout Ronnie Smith leaves amazing legacy”Lancaster Online

back-to-school-2628012__340Now that’s the way! Lancaster School District has a block party for back to school. “Events like this don’t happen everywhere, you know. I think it’s great.” – Damaris Rau, Lancaster School District’s superintendent.

Be alert; drive safely | Today is the first day of school for Columbia Borough School District.

eclipse tipsThe folks who live on the Faroe Islands have four tips for watching the eclipse; the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic experienced one in 2015. It’s a four minute video.“An open letter from the great-great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson : The monuments must

In an open letter to Richmond’s mayor and members of the Monument Avenue Commission, the great-great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson stated the Civil War statues “represent overt symbols of racism and white supremacy.”

LOTTERYGot your Powerball number!

23 smurfs

north avenueThis item is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster’s GOVERNMENT CALENDAR. The actual address of the property that’ll be addressed is “511 AVENUE N” – That information comes from the Authority’s agenda (and minutes) now shown at its Website.

dystopiaA 5:44 minute TEDTalk narrative. The brilliance of short presentations.

corporate welfareReminder | Corporate Welfare is alive and kicking: “$10M in tax credit financing to support Bulova renovations”Central Penn Business Journal

Something to remember when condemning the programs that are considered “Welfare programs for people”: Housing subsidies, SNAP, student loans, etc.

dollars war

“The victor, the spoils? Trump eyes Afghanistan’s elusive mineral riches”Reuters

Donald Trump, candidate: “‘The people opposing us are the same people — and think of this — who’ve wasted $6 trillion on wars in the Middle East — we could have rebuilt our country twice — that have produced only more terrorism, more death, and more suffering – imagine if that money had been spent at home,’ Trump said at a Oct. 26 rally in Charlotte, N.C.”

BUT, we need this war machine … to build profits for the providers of war materials … to siphon cash to elected public servants … to keep the spin going and going and going …

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