Tuesday – 8/22/17

SICKENINGIt’s the same sickening news everyone saw during the years of Vietnam | Newsfeed  headline today: “US-led strikes ‘kill 100 civilians’ in 48 hours. Women and children among the dead as a barrage of US-led coalition raids hit ISIL-held city.”Al Jazeera

In this photo illustration, a Facebook logo on a computer screen is seen through a magnifying glass held by a woman in Bern“Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records last week determined that the Facebook pages of public officials are subject to records requests … ” – RouteFifty

potato chips bio fuel“Potato chip scraps could make cheaper biofuel”The Conversation

mujahideenThe Mujahideen defeated a much superior military foe in a 10 year struggle.

History lessons are not learned, evidently, as the US leadership is upping the ante with a no-clue, no-exit game plan to extend the marathon war game in Afghanistan.

Russia continues to be a major arms supplier to Kabul, although most of the weapons and equipment is being purchased with U.S. money.” – Institute for the Study of War

And so, despite this 2013 tweet, “It is time to get out of Afghanistan,” The POTUS has flip-flopped the national stance to go down the rabbit hole again.

Want to know more about War in Afghanistan? This realcleardefense.com article, “The Wages of War Without Strategy” is a long read, but a good one.

And this is a short, but poingnant article. It’s about totality, interaction and rationality: pull pin-throw grenade-run away! – Modern War Institute at West Point

dollars war

“The victor, the spoils? Trump eyes Afghanistan’s elusive mineral riches”Reuters

How about contracted private operators? “The Department of Defense already has a relatively large number of operational contractors working in Afghanistan (23,525 in total as of July 2017), and recent Department of Defense reporting indicates that contracted support requirements may increase based on pending troop-cap decisions. A small portion of that number (3,734) are security contractors and of those contractors, only 1,695 are armed and capable of paramilitary activity … ” – Task & Purpose

family fun day

lucyAnd the rich control those elected public servants who are forever beholding. | they follow the whims of the rich. An example, look at the comments following this Lancaster Online article: “180 jobs projected at Citygate Corporate Center on Fruitville Pike.”

One asks: “180 jobs! Hmmm. I wonder how many will simply be relocated from other existing locations? How many net jobs will this provide?”


top-95717_960_720Penn State football starts the season in the #6 slot and the first game is against mighty Akron? Meanwhile #1 ranked Alabama starts off with #3 Florida State. Uh-rah.




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