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chevy congressVintage cars rolling across the country to check out vintage time at the National Watch and Clock Museum!”

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From the Manor Township Crime Watch page: “On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at about 2052 hours Officer Pete Papadopoulos pulled a vehicle over for having a suspended registration. Upon speaking to the driver, Walt Stickley, 53, of Columbia, he suspected that Stickley was under the influence of a controlled substance. Officer Papadopoulos also learned that Stickely’s driver’s license was suspended. Stickley was given standardized field sobriety tests and advanced field sobriety tests. Officer Papadopoulos determined that Stickley was under the influence of a controlled substance and requested a blood sample. Officer Papadopoulos filed DUI charges and driving while operating privilege is suspended, based on Stickley having a prior DUI charge within 10 years and based on his driving record. Once the blood results come back, additional charges may be filed.”


“Police testify Columbia teen confessed to shooting at them moments after he was arrested”Lancaster Online

what kind of school board

This was posted here on Sunday:


An article in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster stated: “Superintendent Bob Hollister will return to Elanco full-time beginning in January, officials in the Columbia School District announced at a school board meeting Thursday night.”

That’s curious, because folks who attended the meeting have contacted us to say  that no open discussion about that topic was discussed at the meeting. That poses questions about open public transparency, extracurricular activities, media “leaks” and more.

Take a look at the graphic above “What kind of school board do you have?” Look at the second to last characteristic. Does the board play favorites with press? Maybe.

At last night’s meeting, there was the much bandied-about word: “communication.” Lots of chatter about it but little demonstration, we think. When citizens pointed to items of violent actions, trash and out-of-control rampaging juveniles, little substantive responses were offered.

There was recognition of the social media-initiated citizen rally in the park last night, social media items, but there was little resolution offered other than “we’re working on it.”

Does the borough play favorites with the press? Maybe! Did you notice that the Police Department’s press release about the capture of one of the alleged thugs in the recent Walnut Street assault was shared with regional media but not shared with Columbia Spy nor Columbia news, views & reviews?

It seems that some leaders relegate these local resources practicing citizen journalism as less-than-friendly sources. Ergo – no news releases are shared.

Some will cite “bias” when condemning citizen journalism. But is the same bias not present in traditional, but fading, media sources. Do reporters and writers in traditional media often talk with the same persons (sources)? What do you think?

But it often is citizen journalism that identifies injustice and un-reported incidents. The photo that began the attempted Syrian coup which has evolved into a bloodbath.

See this Columbia Spy report for instance. Read these reports: Charlottesville Sparks Rise in Citizen Journalism“New social media tools empower citizen journalism” The Rise of Citizen Journalism.

Our point is this. The world is dramatically different. Voices are clamoring to be heard. Communication in an open, varied-format, transparent manner is vital to an open, diverse, transparent caring community. News is consumed through the sue of various media choice including social media, citizen journalism in a mix with more traditional media.

Today’s citizen journalism is not that far removed from the newspaper publishers of colonial America. Read what WikipediA has to say:

“They became a political force in the campaign for American independence.

“The first editors discovered readers loved it when they criticized the local governor; the governors discovered they could shut down the newspapers. The most dramatic confrontation came in New York in 1734, where the governor brought John Peter Zenger to trial for criminal libel after the publication of satirical attacks. The jury acquitted Zenger, who became the iconic American hero for freedom of the press. The result was an emerging tension between the media and the government. By the mid-1760s, there were 24 weekly newspapers in the 13 colonies (only New Jersey was lacking one), and the satirical attack on government became common practice in American newspapers.”

legal 9-12This LEGAL NOTICE appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster AND does not appear at the borough’s LEGAL NOTICES page at the Website. Despite all the chatter about communications, yet the borough does not use its own FREE resources to inform citizens who may not read LNP – Always Lancaster especially the LEGAL NOTICES section.

govt reports



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