Wednesday – 9/27/17 – Information about today’s “water rate increase hearings”


The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has scheduled two late-September hearings to gather public input on a rate increase request filed by Columbia Water Company. The company has posted information about the hearings at its website.

The hearings, conducted by the PUC’s Office of Administrative Law Judge, will be held at the following location and times:

Wednesday, September 27 – 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Marietta Borough Hall
Council Chambers
111 East Market St.
Marietta, PA  17547

Under the water company’s proposal, the total bill for an average metered residential customer in the Columbia Division would increase from $399.48 a year to $452.04 a year. The average annual bill for metered residential customers in the Marietta Division would increase from $318.48 to $452.04 (based on an average residential usage of 3,700 gallons per month with a 5/8-inch meter, and not including any PennVEST surcharges).

The company serves approximately 10,223 customers in West Hempfield, Rapho, East Donegal and Manor townships, and Columbia, Mountville and Marietta boroughs, Lancaster County, and Hellam Township, York County.

The above information and “The Consolidated Case View displays the case information, actions taken on the case, and links to public documents associated with the case, which is identified by the Docket Number R-2017-2598203.”

Citizens are invited to participate in the process:

“Members of the public are welcome to attend the hearings and provide comments. Their testimony will become part of the record on which the PUC will issue its final decision.

The PUC and Office of Consumer Advocate offer tips on how to participate, including:

  • Prepare what you are going to say beforehand.  Even though it is not required, you may want to write out your statement, which can be read.
  • Bring copies if you are attending an in-person hearing.  If you have a written statement you would like to give to the judge, please bring two copies for the court reporter and several copies for the other participants. Also, you may want to bring copies for members of the news media – you can email your comments, too, to
  • Understand that parties in the case may want to ask you a question to clarify something you said.”


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