Monday – 11/6/17 – The day before Election Day

surpriseNo surprise here: “At least 9 members of Trump campaign or administration now shown to have Russia ties”Penn Live

tax break

PITCHFORKSThis it the article: “Winners and losers in the GOP tax plan” – Losers include (Some) small-business owners – Home builders (and most likely home-owners with mortgages and real estate salespersons) – People in high-tax blue states – The working poor – Charities.

the queenWhat kind of fools are we? | Even the revered Queen of England has joined the ranks of the uber-wealthy crooks in dumping funds into offshore accounts. Think all these folks are preparing for the revolution?

The Paradise Papers is a special investigation by The Guardian and 95 media partners worldwide into a leak of 13.4m files from two offshore service providers and 19 tax havens’ company registries.

Lots of comparisons | Politics, corruption and taxes have played huge roles in the downfall of empires.

100 years of bbTo print, share and enlarge the above graphic, click on the image or here to download as a .pdf file.

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