Wednesday – 11/8/17

crimewatch citizens

“2 teen boys charged with gunpoint robbery in Columbia”Lancaster Online [Can’t find that info on the CrimeWatch page  … h-m-m-m! Wonder why?]

“Pa. ballot question on property taxes passed. Here’s what it means”

Manheim Township will get its new school – in a GOP dominant area, they lose.Lancaster Online

Yesterday’s (unofficial) election returns point to a new face on the Columbia Borough Council in January: Todd Burgard garnered 469 votes.

Love it! | “Communicreation fosters loyalty.”

Wrightsville fires its police chief The York Daily Record


Good bye, Doc. Phillies’ fans and baseball is stunned and saddened by Roy Halladay’s death. –

corporate tax

Not everyone agrees with the GOP stance that corporate taxes are too high. In a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, a retired engineer from Armstrong World Industries tells what many already know: too many large American corporations pay very little in taxes.

The GOP tax boondoggle is just that. A murky plan to add more to the piles of cash of the “uber wealthy.” This Fortune Magazine article is on target: “Why 70% Of Companies Paid Zero In Corporate Taxes: They Had Zero Profits.”

Columbia’s median household income is $41,799 according to the United States Census Bureau – half of Columbia’s households are below that number and half are above. Want to see how the new tax bill will apply to you, have at it read the 429 page bill here?



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