Thursday – 11/9/17


Congratulations! From a facebook post: “At the Lancaster/Lebanon league cross country banquet held at the Double Tree Resort, Jordan Haberstroh garnered some major awards. She was awarded first team all-star status, she was a scholar athlete (3.5 GPA or higher) and won the Section 2 Girls Sportsmanship Award for her team. She also was the only runner at the banquet to win a 2017 district cross country title. Over the last 4 cross country seasons, Jordan has represented Columbia in an extraordinary manner, bringing recognition to her school.”

A reachout plea to folks with traffic warrants at the Columbia Police Department facebook and CrimeWatch pages: “If you (sic) name appears on the list please stop at Judge Bixler’s office.”

From an article at Lancaster Online about nursing home violations | “Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 745 Chiques Hill Road, Columbia: Complaint inspections March 1 and April 13; two minimal harm deficiencies. Federal regulators imposed a payment denial on March 1.”

At last night’s Legislation committee meeting, it was reinforced: Columbia’s not going to be a mecca for marijuana. There’ll an item on next Monday’s Council Meeting agenda to simply advertise and identify places within the borough that can be designated as “Marijuana Dispensary, Marijuana Grower/Processor, Medical Marijuana, Medical Marijuana Act, Medical Marijuana Organization and Registry venues.”

Remember, at this point no place in the Commonwealth will not be a “free fire ’em up” zone as Colorado is; Pennsylvania has only authorized the use of “medicinal Mary Jane.” Though – in Pennsylvania – there are enlightened municipalities (State College, Harrisburg and others) have reduced the penalties for marijuana possession and marijuana.

“Here are some of the ceremonies and special offers to mark Veterans Day in Central Pennsylvania” FOX43-TV

Tomorrow is the United States Marine Corps Birthday!

And on Saturday morning … the SEMPER FI 5K RUN / WALK COMES TO TOWN.

semper fi 5k

Meanwhile …

“The ‘Horrifying’ Consequence of Lead Poisoning” – The Atlantic

Three Billionaires Have More Money Than Bottom Half of US | That’s rich. The three wealthiest people in America — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett — own more than the whole bottom half of the U.S. population combined. According to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies, their aggregate fortune of $248.5 billion exceeds that of 160 million Americans combined — 63 million households. Wealth inequality is increasing, the report concludes, and it recommends that the GOP revise its current tax reform plans to close loopholes for the rich and help the poorest Americans instead.” – OZY

In a quick unsophisticated google search on some of the POTUS supporter letters-to-the-editor writers. Guess what? Mostly they’re over 65 years old and preservationists … defending the wonderful recollections of years gone by.

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