Friday II – 11/10/17

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

And tomorrow morning … the SEMPER FI 5K RUN / WALK COMES TO TOWN.

semper fi 5k

11 crochet

Still safe and not on the Sears/Kmart closing list – our K-mart and the Sears in Park City. And a Sears store opening in Harrisburg.

This video from a Sears store closing in Canada will bring tears to the eyes of loyal Sears Customers and, especially those Sears employees, who remember the Lancaster Sears store of the 1970s and 1980s.

Here’s a comment from another site about Sears: “Sears published its last catalogue in 1993. Yep, they closed down their once huge mail order business right as the WWW was coming to life. Amazon thanks their CEO for his lack of vision. They had everything setup to be Amazon and didn’t see it.”

BUT you can bet the upper-eschelon folks at Sears will leave the wreckage with huge golden parachute payments. Everyone else who worked there – not a damn thing!

And now Target is closing “under-performing” stores too. – Penn Live

Scummy elected public servant | “Marino has received about $100,000 in donations from the pharmaceutical industry throughout his career, but he denies charges he’s in their pocket.”WITF

Here are the keys to my house, “Go ahead, rob me!” | Scummy elected public servant II gets relected mayorFOR THE FOURTH TIMEWITF



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