Scenes seen on November 24, 2017

goldboroughJust maybe, Coronado was not looking in the right places. Looking eastward ion Locust Street this afternoon, this looked like a ‘city of gold.”

Had Coronado ventured down Union Street across Front Street, he’d have found the smoothest street in Gold-borough. Recently renamed Heritage Drive  (the former dirt road that paralleled the railroad tracks and Front Street), now is a paved road way that’s extremely smooth. It’s the street that’s right adjacent to the newly gated community. Also paved is Union Street to the river access.

gated community

The black metal fence surely is a property enhancement. Perhaps this property enhancement technique will be expanded to other parts of Gold-borough.

new parking model

Is this the new borough parking model (two for one)? Wonder whether this model works on the streets as well as this municipally-tagged vehicle at the rear of the borough hall?



  1. In this case it’s clearly to keep people out, as it was said at a meeting this week, visitors to the trail were driving down around the cottages where they’re not supposed to be since it’s private. The fence is to deter these visitors from going into cottage area.

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