Wednesday – 11/29/17

gated communityLast week Columbia news, views & reviews posted photos about the newly paved Heritage Drive and the fence between it and the cabin properties along The River. Columbia Spy has much greater detail about the cosmetic project: Did Heritage Drive become a $40,000 gift to cottage owners?”

“Most People With Medicare Part B Will Pay Higher Premiums in 2018”The Street


Back in 2013 Columbia news, views & reviews posted this following a council meeting: Can we pay in Bitcoins?” posed one of the councillors at Monday’s council meeting. It appeared that the councillor was the only one among the assembled who knew about this new payment venture.”

That councillor was clairvoyant, it turns out: “Bitcoin Value Soars Past Disney, McDonalds and IBM Amid Cryptocurrency Craze – Bitcoin would rank in the top 15 of Dow components, while digital currencies could collectively surpass ExxonMobil in the coming days as investors plough hard cash into online coins.” – The Street

A modern-day reality: “Spending on drug and alcohol rehab, children and youth services among increases in Lancaster County 2018 budget”Lancaster Online

What are you doing next Sunday? Find out how a neighboring community is “planning & communicating.”our mariettaFind out about Marietta’s assets, opportunities and treasures!

lte answersLetter writer not happy with legislator’s response. In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s letters to the editor, this is one that takes issue with rote responses.


A police department with a “working, community-connected, dynamic” facebook page!”

The Dad of the new “princess to be” lived in Perry County. | “Perry County family will soon have royal connection.”Penn Live

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