Turkey Hill announces proactive security measures to enhance safety for customers, employees.

As part of their ongoing commitment to providing an enjoyable shopping experience for customers and a safe work environment for associates, Turkey Hill Minit Markets has taken proactive steps to enhance security at their stores throughout Pennsylvania.

Recent measures include increased exterior lighting, changes in window signage to make store exteriors more visible from inside, ongoing security training for associates, and various behavioral and technology-based methods and tools to deter, prevent, and detect crime and illicit activity in and around stores.

“As members of the Loss Prevention Research Council, we receive continuous updates on advanced security solutions for our industry,” said Matt Dorgan, Division Asset Protection Manager, Turkey Hill Minit Markets.

Dorgan added that, while the best approach is to prevent adverse events before they happen, Turkey Hill is well prepared when incidents occur.

“Obviously, we are limited in how much detail we can share,” Dorgan said. “But as a result of these efforts, law enforcement has increased apprehensions and we’ve been able to collect information that folds right back into more-effective prevention. Our primary focus is on doing everything we can to create safe, convenient environments that the individuals and families we serve can count on 24/7 for the fuel, food and beverage items, and other merchandise they need.”

SOURCE: news release



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