Saturday – 1/6/18

circusProphetic sign seen on a car yesterday.

“Trump Defends His Mental Capacity, Calling Himself a ‘Genius’”The New York Times

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And this is some of the stuff a genius doesThe New York Times

Mary Auker-Endres to announce bid for Pennsylvania’s 98th Legislative District
Mary is ready to work for you in Harrisburg
ELIZABETHTOWN, PA, January 6 – Mary Auker-Endres will announce her candidacy for PA’s 98th Legislative District at a gathering at the Elizabethtown Train Station on Saturday, January 6th at 10:00AM.
“I grew up here in Lancaster county. I love watching my son, Jack, grow up here too: close to my parents, here with our friends, in the communities that shaped me” said Auker-Endres. “I have also been watching Harrisburg. I’ve seen our legislators enjoy their second highest in the nation pay, while I’ve seen our state’s credit downgraded, our confidence in government erode, and our state budgets come later and later.”
Running on a platform of expanded support for public education, fair wages for hard work, and reforming Harrisburg, Auker-Endres is up to the challenge of working for the residents of the 98th Legislative District.
“Harrisburg isn’t listening, but I am. And I’m ready to act. The people of our district, my neighbors in Elizabethtown, my friends in Mount Joy, Marietta, and Columbia—we deserve better” Auker-Endres continued.
Mary Auker-Endres, 32, lives in Elizabethtown with her husband, John, and her son, Jack. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Lebanon Valley College.
Currently, Dave Hicknernell is the elected public servant holding the position in the 98th Legislative District.
 There were no bids to open at yesterday’s announced bid opening for “NOTICE OF PUBLIC LEASE OF REAL PROPERTY BY SEALED BID” of the Market House and the fire station on front street. Borough officials will now reconsider other ways to off-load or re-purpose these properties.
agendaThe agenda for Monday’s council meeting is posted at the Borough Website. Click here or on the above snapshot to download it.
NOTE: The Finance Committee’s December minutes are now posted; you can read them here: finance_comm_minutes_12-27-17. You’ll have to come to Monday night’s meeting,, though, to find out if there were meetings – and what may have been discussed at the December Community Development committee meeting and the Legislative committee meeting. Neither of those committee meeting minutes are posted at the website.
Cable going up againLancaster Online


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