Friday – 1/5/18

The December Council Property Committee meeting minutes are now posted at the Borough Website.

borough notice street cleaningA borough e-blast.

A note from the Columbia Library: “Our Moving Day is now Saturday, January 13, at 9 AM. – PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP THIS SATURDAY!!”

Lancaster County’s Sheriff Sale listings for the January 31, 2018 sale date.

LEGAL NOTICE – Columbia’s 2018 council meeting schedule.Lancaster Online

TODAY IS THE DAY that at 2:00 PM, “all bids (for the re-use possibilities of the Market House and the fire station at 137 South Front Street) received by the Borough will be publicly opened and the offered consideration read aloud.”

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesterday – IN ALABAMA – when, according to Jeffie Sessions, America was great again!The Daily Beast

Racist incompetent.

“When … asked about his past support for imposing mandatory death sentences on people twice convicted of dealing marijuana, Sessions smiled and claimed to have a foggy memory.” – Salon


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