Friday’s news – 1/12/18


financial transparencySOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster

From the POLICE LOG in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “THEFT CHARGES – MANHEIM TWP.: Gerald L. Brown III, 32, of Columbia, was charged with retail theft after he took discount stickers from higher-priced items and rang the items up at a discounted price Jan. 8 at Walmart, 2030 Fruitville Pike, police said.”

LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial today cites its first impression of Lancaster’s new mayor and includes this: “We were heartened to learn that Sorace intends to fix the city’s ‘byzantine’ methods of distributing information. She wants the city’s website to offer residents a means of monitoring city projects, and for technology to be integrated into the city’s operations so information flows more easily to and from City Hall. Sorace said the city needs to ‘up our game,’ and we agree. Transparency is essential.”

Well stated, LNP … every government has to be transparent and get rid of “byzantine” ways of distributing information.

The Columbia Borough School District’s preliminary budget for the 2018 – 2019 FISCAL YEAR is available for public insptection at the School District office – LEGAL NOTICE at Lancaster Online.

blowing smokeIs WalMart blowing smoke? What’s really behind that bonus? Walmart announced yesterday that it would raise its hourly starting wage by a $1 and give employees bonuses because of the savings it anticipates under the new tax law. It joins a growing list of companies that have promised bonuses and wage increases, citing the new law. But experts told us that at a time of low unemployment, these announcements are mostly just PR. Joe Rosenberg, senior research associate at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, explained: ‘This is exactly the type of economy that should be generating wage gains and benefits to the workers. As the availability of workers is more scarce, there’s more pressure to bid up wages.’” – MarketPlace

At the same time, 63 Sams’ Clubs have or will closeUSA Today

How about those promised $1,000 bonuses?Yeah, well, not exactly as promisedThink Progress

Smucker, Casey, Toomey, all of us … What did we say? This Chicago Tribune column “Your response to Trump’s racist ‘shithole’ comment will be remembered”

For the record, Columbia news, views & reviews is disgusted … not surprised or shocked. This is just more piece of the garbage that comes from the mouth of this charlatan. He is a completely disgusting, vile, ignorant “silver-spoon-up-the-butt” moron.

chief master sergeant

A friend, a retired USAF chief master sergeant, posted this at facebook:

*Abandoning Puerto Rico
*Haitians have AIDS
*Nigerians live in huts
*Africa and Haiti are shitholes
All of this used to describe Black and Brown nations and territories. SPEAK AT THE VOTING BOOTH AND GIVE THE BOOT TO THE GOP. ENOUGH!!!

Nobody wants to see this joker | “Donald Trump calls off visit to London amid fears of mass protests”The Guardian

Really? “‘You can’t say things that are false, knowingly false, and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account,’ said Trump, a president who has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims in just 355 days, The Washington Post reported Wednesday morning.” – NPR

“‘This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions’’The Guardian


  1. CHS was not transparent for along time. I would assume that the board should have been questioning this, especially when residents could not get answers for years, so what happen? They made the old school board president the new superintend. Now we will get what a joke.

  2. Yeah, it seems that lots of people serving in governing roles have trouble being open and transparent with the communities they serve. Don’t know why that’s such an issue in this nation. We expect that in despotic nations, but here?

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