So, where can people buy alcoholic beverages in Columbia?


The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board maintains the dynamic list of establishments who hold (active and expired) licenses and associated permits. To find out where you can go to buy alcoholic beverages legally in Columbia (or anywhere in the state), visit this Website:

( ) and fill in the blanks.

Here’s the first part of Columbia’s establishments:

PLCB licenses

Columbia Borough enacted legislation in December that addresses non-PLCB licensed establishments: BYOB CLUB (otherwise known as BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE CLUB)

“Any business facility not licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, wherein patrons 21 years of age or older may, after payment of a fee (which includes, but is not limited to, any fee for setup, merchandise or other charge which is required to be paid upon entry into the BYOB club), cover charge or other temporary entry fee, consume alcoholic beverages which said patrons have carried in, into or onto the BYOB club premises.”



  1. Invariably, any discussion of PA’s ridiculous liquor laws drives me to drink. Thanks for posting so early; I’ll have to keeping a bottle closer to the bed.

    It is unfortunate that the sale of beer liscences to Sheetz, Wise, etc has removed so many working class bars from Cola. How long will Smith’s or Dietz(sp) last? Ridiculous laws!

  2. Yep, PA’s long had some of the goofiest liquor and alcohol regulations in the nation. We’ve lived in a few other states (MA, IL, CA) and, with the exception of MA where the laws are equally goofy, we could buy beer, wine and hard stuff in grocery stores. And on Sunday, too.

    We could blame a long-standing bunch of “holier-than-thou” elected state officials, the bargaining units, the corruption at the top of the PLCB, and a bunch of others. Probably a combination of them are at the core of the reasons.

    Who knows, maybe the BYOB liquor clubs are the way to go.

    Here’s what the PLCB says about that:

    Interestingly, the PLCB is coming into the 20th century (hope this link works):

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