Today’s news – 1/15/18

martin luther kingPHOTO SOURCE: The King Center

Today this great nation celebrates the birthday, the life, the ideals and the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The racist says he’s not a racistThe New York Times

“Trump Is a Racist. Period.” – Column in The New York Times

Flood watch and snowFOX43-TV

FINALLY … “Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide if state congressional district map is a partisan gerrymander”WITF

mindless development

It’s a different time for dating or “hook-ups” | Just ask Aziz – The Guardian

unbelievableHow would you feel it your emergency communication system failed? And sent citizens and visitors hiding and crying after false missile warning?”

Talk is cheap | “Steelers talked a good game, but didn’t play one” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette




  1. Simply can’t believe Rothlesberger hasn’t been called out as the preditor he was (is). Good ridence, time to retire Ben.

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