Wednesday’s news items – 1/24/18

stevens enrollmentThaddeus Stevens College of Technology welcomes Dylan Smith, the first Columbia High School student accepted into the Early Enrollment – Automotive Program. He’ll be receiving college credits & finishing his first year at TSCT while a senior in High School! Welcome Dylan.” SOURCE: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology facebook page”

“The Early Enrollment program offers qualifying students the opportunity to complete their freshman year at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology while still seniors in high school.” – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Website

A Berks-Lancaster-Lebanon high school football league? Maybe. Lancaster Online

“‘This is not Penn State’” Really? How’s it different when a staffer at one institution does the same “grooming” and mind control and assault and violation than another? How is it different when Jerry Sandusky does it and Michigan State’s sports-medicine doctor essentially do the same onerous things. How is it different when bullying leadership in any environment (business, government, school boards, not-for-profits, etc.) stacks the deck by appointing, soliciting, controlling and intimidating those they “groom” to do their bidding.

A google definition:Intimidation—scare tactics that can be a word, look, a stance that are meant to frighten, threaten, intimidate the victim into doing exactly what the groomer wants; can be verbal or nonverbal, physical or emotional; this is related to bullying behavior.

“What Is The Tide Pod Challenge—And Just How Dangerous Is It?” Women’s Health

the river

Soulmate? | Meehan’s side of the

Former owner of the structure known as the Turkey Hill Experience dies. Vincent Giffuni.Lancaster Online

Why is Pennsylvania a “commonwealth” rather than a state? Here’s a glib look at the difference. Pittsburgh City Paper


Scary or brave new world | “Congress Quietly Pushing Bill To Require National Biometric ID For ‘ALL Americans’”Activist Post

Words worth thinking about … now and at election time. | From a Cal Thomas column appearing in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster as he writes about elected public servants in Wonderland: “Many quickly turn opportunities to represent us into opportunities to represent themselves. They become careerists, statists and hypocrites, first supporting one cause or policy when it suits them and then with whiplash intensity turning around and supporting its opposite when it is politically expedient.”

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, John Baer is on target with his column, too.

Stacked deck data: “25 places in Pa. with the most adults who didn’t finish high school”Penn Live


  1. The intimidation worked out well with one Columbia School Board member. Anyone following this knows exactly who it was that was bullied both publicly and privately by their own peers. The intimidation worked to gain another “yes” vote. The voting public CANNOT trust those they have elected to do what they say they will do. Very, very discouraging.

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