“The ABCs of congressional redistricting”

“The ABCs of congressional redistricting”The Morning Call


Earlier this week, the state Supreme Court ruled that the arcane way voters are represented by “elected public servants” is unconstitutional.

According to FairDistrictsPA.com, “Democracy means voters choose their politicians. Current Pennsylvania law lets politicians choose their voters.”

FairDistrictsPA.com is a really good place to get a better about how gerrymandering got started, what it looks like and how to make electing public servants fair, impartial, transparent and accountable.

“When citizens vote, fair districting wins—California and Arizona have already done it. But first, we need the PA legislature to step up. Thousands of your neighbors are already making calls and holding rallies. Join them.”

Three Lancaster County boroughs have adopted resolutions supportinmg independent resdistricting commissions; they are:

Millersville Borough

Manheim Borough – Passed Jul 25, 2017

Marietta Borough

Learn more about the process on March 26; The Homestead Village in Lancaster is  hosting a public education program on reforming Pennsylvania’s redistricting process. Fair Districts PA speaker, Tony Crocamo,  will explain PA’s current redistricting process, demonstrate how it undermines democracy, and then offer a solution to the problem.

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