Saturday’s news items – 1/27/2018

columbia page oneColumbia takes top of page one in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

“Flu season hitting baby boomers particularly hard, CDC says”CBS News

fluSOURCE: CDC – Weekly Report

Lancaster County’s got 973 reported cases PA Department of Health

“Scammers impersonate the Social Security Administration” Federal Trade Commission

emergency preparednessThis Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs VIDEO takes a look at preparing for those emergency situations that are never gonna’ happen … but do.

Click on the image to connect to the Website

Fundies don’t care about stormy weather | “Trump and an Adult Film Actor? No Problem, Say Evangelical Leaders”BuzzFlash

At an away game, Trump gets “boos and hisses from the crowd, which included world leaders, heads of global companies, intellectuals and foreign media.” – The Los Angeles Times

“Do Not Call registrations don’t expire”Federal Trade Commission

“Battle of the Bulge re-enactment Feb 2-3 at Fort Indiantown Gap” The Lebanon Daily News

bolognafestLooking for a fried Bologna Sandwich, a Lebanon Bologna Reuben, a Snitzer (cheeseburger with a slice of Lebanon Bologna on a pretzel roll), a grilled Bologna Sandwich or deep fried Lebanon Bologna? Then today’s your day at the Bologna Fest and Winter Carnival.


  1. They are trying to engage the youth? It was announced several times at public meetings that the borough is trying to come up with about $15,000 to fund a youth-style gym. They don’t have the money? Money in the amount of $40,000 was found for a fence along Heritage Drive. Money in the amount of $8,000+ was found for trees planted on properties along Heritage Drive. Money found to operate an empty trolley, yet $15,000 escapes them.

  2. What’s with the old armory; who owns/uses it?

    $15,000? I doubt that would buy two nets and a ball after passing through government purchaseing procedures.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I certainly don’t mean to cause any controversy but I would like to know who owns the Wenger Center and what the lease arrangements are.

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