Scenes seen on Sunday | the last Sunday of January 2018

This ad appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.trolley ad

This was on the sidewalk in the 200 block of Locust Street today! What’s wrong with dog owners? Just guessing it’s the dog’s and not the owner’s.doodoo

Lean to – Some of the trees at the River Park leaning to the left.trees

New occupant coming to town! It’s the sign on the window of the building at 237 Locust Street, Columbia – the building that used to be occupied by Venues and others.coming to columbiaHere’s the facebook page.

Here’s the Website.

Here’s what the Website says City Gate is: “City Gate Lancaster: to release the Kingdom of God through prayer, mission & justice. worship. equipping. serving.

A place of possibility.

Where its possible to hope, to pray, to grow and to experience the love of God.

A place that beats with God’s heartbeat for the lost, the broken, the weary and the hurting.

A place to step into your dream and calling



  1. Thanks for drawing attention to the problem of negligent pet owners by posting the “poop” picture. The “poop” was on both sides of Locust Street in that block. Three piles that I counted. While walking up Locust, there was another mess in the 300 block. On Sunday, when Columbia wants to have visitors. It makes us look dirty.

  2. You wrote, “What’s wrong with dog owners?” That’s a good question. One thing is certain, there is nothing wrong with dogs. They drop when they need to do so!

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