Monday – 1/29/2018 – Higher utility bills?

electric meters 2A string of comments about high electric bills appear here: What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1

Our electric bill for January 2018 was eight cents higher than the same period last year; the usage was 19 percent higher. Our oil heat charges, though, were 38 percent higher this year.

In spite of the kind of heating system, electric use will increase with extreme cold. This article reinforces that: “Cold weather pushes heating bills higher. Here’s how to save money.”

Here are a few more articles that, perhaps are worth reading:

How Much Your Electricity Bill Will Be Impacted by Cold Weather

Heating bills spike like it’s the polar vortex of January 2014

Power grid bracing for ‘bomb cyclone,’ bitter cold

This Website ( says:

  • The average monthly residential electricity bill in Pennsylvania is $107, which ranks 20th in the U.S.
  • This average monthly residential electricity bill in Pennsylvania is equal to the national average monthly bill of $629.
  • Average monthly residential electricity bills in the U.S. range from approximately $75 to $203.

“During the winter, heaters are running, we are all inside more, the TV is on, the lights are on, the kids are inside, the refrigerator is open for snacks and so on. In other words, we all use more electricity during the winter.”

Household Energy Use in Pennsylvania – EIA –

Finally, homeowners using heat pumps may want to know, “DO NOT rely on emergency heat for really cold days. This can really drive up utility bills, and is most definitely not the most efficient allocation of heating energy. If your heat pump isn’t cutting it, consider adding a gas furnace. Even your heat pump running in normal heating mode will be a better use of energy.” – Maytag Heating & Cooling


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