Friday news items – 2/9/2018

Good to see a burst of community communication releases at the Columbia Police Department facebook page


Republi-crats bring shutdown down and “Big government is officially back in style. Republicans  now embracing the kind of free spending and budget deficits they once claimed to loathe.” – The New York Times

No drainage change in sight in the swamp! That partisan triple-chinned “pork-monger” POS from Kentucky.

“The merry-go-round of government shutdowns | While you were sleeping, the federal government shut down — but the whole thing is already over. The House just passed a sweeping budget bill, 240 to 186, following the Senate’s vote to pass the bill earlier this morning. The Senate vote was pushed past midnight — which is when funding from the stopgap spending bill passed last month ran out — amid a protest over the budget deficits from Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican. The bill, which keeps the government funded through March 23, includes money to combat the opioid crisis, improve mental health care, and provide aid to victims of last year’s hurricanes and wildfires. It also funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program for 10 years and community health centers for two years.” – STAT Morning Rounds

True emotional support? Flush that hamster. The Boston Globe

North Korea’s “Army of Beauties” – better than a military parade.

Columbia wins the spy game | Lancaster’s got nearly government-owned 170 surveillance cameras for its 59,200 citizens; Columbia’s got 50 for its 10,300.

enchantedCome out to Some Enchanted Evening Night at Hinkle’s to “Dine With The Princesses” – Members of the Columbia High School Theatre Department will be at Hinkle’s performing as some of your All-Time Favorite, Beloved Princesses. You will also get a sneak peak at this year’s Spring Musical – a show so MAGICAL, we’re not allowed to say the name! 20% of your restaurant bill will go to support the Columbia Theatre Boosters.

citygateCoffee, tea & paint at City Gate Columbia

“Two Vets Celebrate Love: ‘If You Came To See The Bride, You’re Out Of Luck’”NPR


  1. I do not agree with the police department crime watch page mixing in community event advertising. It is designed for crime related issues.

    • Understand your perspective and it (the communication message) may be directed to a misdirected audience, But, at least the audience for the CPD facebook page is getting information re-transmitted. But we are perplexed, too. It’s time for a borough facebook page.

  2. I hate to defend McConnell but being from KY I fully support his protection of Berea College. It is an outstanding institution with a valuable and unique mission. It’s amusing to see those who advocate free college for all to criticize him over this one.

    The other school is part of the KY Community and Technical College System. A commendable effort to integrate academic and vocational education. Unfortunately the acedemics dominate the administration and have no clue or interest in vocational training. This particular school is in a very poor and under educated area. This one is a more complex case than Brera College.

    • Again, we really appreciate your insight; in case any readers want to know more about the educational facilities, here are links.

      Other states, too, have special cases. Maybe one resolution is to offer free two-year education across the board? Accomplish this by reducing the pay to the legislature; whacking the enormous benefit packages and taking a hard look at “jingoism” as a national policy.

  3. Columbia supposedly has 50 cameras, according to the mayor. But let’s not forget that the mayor has, at times, made inaccurate statements at public meetings. The mayor also said some of the cameras are covert, and he refuses to make public a list of their locations. So can we be sure that the number “50” is accurate?

    • We can’t.

      Truth and transparency seem to be hard to come by; here’s an old adage, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”

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