“Lessons of Stalingrad for Inhabitants of the DC Quagmire”

stalingrad 2

The swamp, which Trump promised to drain, turned out to be a quagmire. Some swamp creatures have emerged returning to lofty perches, while other remnants of the imperial governing class of America are slowly and inexorably swallowed.

“For a year we have seen one after another swamp creature disappear into the quagmire now consuming members of both the Trump team and members of the opposition.  As victims’ flounder deeper in political and legal peril only bubbles remain as they squirm and sink from view.

“But the American people, accustomed to consuming current events mainly through television programming, need to have both comforting and frightening images, so that their worldview is only minimally disturbed.”

Intrigued so far? Continue reading this article at Veterans Today.

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