and in the news on Monday – 2/12/2018

reminderThere’s a Borough Council meeting tonight – here’s the Borough Council Meeting Agenda.

Curiously, in the recent article in The MerchandiserNonprofit Saves Personal Care Facility From Closing, there’s no credit of the Borough’s largess.

AT THE COLUMBIA BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT WEBSITE | TAX NOTICEAct 1 Referendum Exception Notice – “The school district real estate tax increase for the next fiscal year is limited to the index % unless the proposed tax rate is approved by voters pursuant to a referendum or the School District qualifies for an Act 1 exception.”

“Gay US Olympians tell Mike Pence: ‘Eat Your heart out’”FOX43-TV

redistricting mapRedistricting moving along; this one looks cleaner for Lancaster

1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G | What’s it all about?PC Magazine

Today is Lincoln’s Birthday!

So there’s an opinion column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom; the column, “The US is back on the path to greater economic freedom” is written by the founder and past president of The Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. according to WikipediA.

What is the Index of Economic Freedom? Again another WikipediA reference.

On the flip side (the Progressive side), “It (the Index of Economic Freedom) sounds good, until you realize we’re not talking about the rights or freedoms of persons like you and me, but wealthy people and ‘corporate persons.’” –

Another “flip side”  website states, “It’s so much fun being on the right – you’re liberated from the tyranny of having to make sense.”

And on the Columbia news, views & reviews-side, let’s just know which side is saying what and what each side’s agenda is.

And while the topic is agendas: There’s a letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster from a 12-year old student at Veritas Academy fully supporting US Representative Smucker.

Which side is this: Veritas is Lancaster’s Premier Christian School according to its website.

Another letter writer says, It (the US Government) has limitless spending capacity and doesn’t fund it with taxes. We can afford a Green New Deal and health care for all. We can ensure a job for every person. We can truly make America great again.” On which side is he? The writer contends it’s perfectly OK to continue to raise the national debt – he continues, “We need to understand that the government is not a user of currency. It is the creator of currency.” You really have to read this letter.

Here’s an opinion that agrees with the letter writer: “Why There is Nothing Scary about the U.S. National Debt” Scholars Strategy Network

A dizzying, dynamic national debt chart.


On the other side, “97% of the money in the economy today is created by banks, whilst just 3% is created by the government,” says this British Website (there’s a good short video here).

Debt, or borrowing, makes sense as long as the citizens confidence levels are high. But, this writer contends, “Historically, when a nation’s debt exceeds its ability to repay even the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse. Typically, governments exacerbate the situation by printing large amounts of currency notes in an effort to inflate the problem away, or at least postpone it.”

There’s a video at this site that shows “The Greatest Economic Collapses in History,” and continues with “With only 239 years of existence as a country, the United States has experienced double the number of crises as Spain, Italy, and Portugal, which are much older societies. This equates to approximately one crisis every 9 years!” The crises were created by war debts, financial institution failures and speculation bubbles.

We are not economists, but “Debt is not good unless you are the creditor!” Remember Alan Greenspan is an economist.


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  1. The Merchandiser article has to wait for that part of the story…The borough supposedly will be “considering” a donation of $30,000 at tonight’s council meeting. This, like everything else on the agenda, is a done ahead of time sealed deal. The taxpayers in this borough have truly lost their voice. Other non profits have to beg for a fraction of this amount.

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