Borough’s 2017 community & economic development activity report released at last night’s council meeting

econ dev

At last night’s borough council meeting, Rebecca Denlinger, assistant borough manager/economic and community development manager, delivered a presentation that elaborated on the community marketing and communication projects that have been initiated in the borough during 2017.

Click here to download the presentation as a .pdf file


  1. Community map project: Is this the same map that excluded one borough street and a long established business? Takes guts to have that on the list of accomplishments, sounds more like a screw up.

  2. Don’t know; we wonder about that too. Where can citizens find this map? Anyone ever seen it?

    Or those Chamber stamped bags that the borough funded?

  3. The map was mailed to residents in April of 2017, less than a year ago. Two things missing as I recall were North Fourteenth Street and the Owls Club. It is not the same map put out by the Chamber, which also led to confusion.

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