Thursday’s news items [another school shooting and more] – 2/15/2018


Following another school shooting | AnguishResponseWorse than Columbine

‘‘He was that weird kid that you see … like a loner.’’ The Boston Globe

Message at the High School’s District’s Website

superintendent message.jpg“America’s gun problem, explained”VOX | “No other developed country in the world has anywhere near the same rate of gun violence as America. The US has by far the highest number of privately owned guns in the world.”

Who to blame? America’s elected public servants in Wonderland.

Bichon: Best at WestminsterThe New York Times

police discretion

Think that’s what’s going on in the situation mentioned in this facebook post at What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1: “ I talked to the officer and he is going to try and get the citation voided as soon as possible ! Thankful that he has been nice and helpful since last weekend.”

NOW APPEARING AT THE BOROUGH LEGAL NOTICE WEBPAGE: The recasting of the borough’s RFP offer to offload (via lease) the Market House and the Front Street fire station.

Transparency at the state level? Cutler’s bill is a start, it’s a slap on the wrist but it’s a start.

Transparency on Pennsylvania’s School Climate Survey | “If we offer parents or community members paper and pencil surveys, what is the procedure for entering the data into the system?

“This functionality is not a recommended solution due to the paper collections not having the validation that the online surveys offer. You can collect the data via the printable versions of the form but it will require a district person to “fat finger” or enter each paper collected form into the online system via a classroom entry account.”

draft minutes

DRAFT Minutes – According to Pennsylvania’s Manual for Municipal Secretaries, “Distribution of minutes to the public prior to official approval by the governing body has raised questions about Sunshine Law requirements. Many secretaries are reluctant to release meeting minutes to the public prior to this official approval. Often these requests come from the media or persons or groups interested in actions taken on a particular issue. This can be remedied by the governing body authorizing the release of minutes in a draft form. Any copies of minutes released in this fashion should be conspicuously stamped with the word ‘draft’ on all pages.”

God ” … is going to destroy this world with fire.And soon, according to a letter-to-the-editor writer from Columbia – Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

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