On Wednesday – 2/21/2018 – the news includes Fourth Friday? – “rod of iron” – max-evangelicalism – brevity and more

Friday is Fourth Friday, isn’t it?

Opioids … no single demographic | “Elderly residents of central Pa. senior care facility charged with heroin use”Penn Live

Washington Boro man pleads guilty in road rage incidentLancaster Online

rod of iron

“Northeast Pennsylvania church to bless couples toting AR-15 rifles”WITF

H-m-m-m, the MUNICIPAL BRIEFS in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has this paragraph from the Terre Hill borough council meeting: “Secretary Valerie Gregory reviewed a letter from Craig Stedman, Lancaster County district attorney, confirming the voluntary contribution to the Lancaster County Drug Enforcement Task Force. The amount agreed upon by Lancaster County commissioners and county municipalities is $1 per capita based on the 2010 U.S. census.”


Evangelizing, can you hear me? | “It’s time once again for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) put on by the American Conservative Union. This affair is a four day circle jerk of right-wingers wallowing in their muddy pit of country club white nationalism. And this year the roster of speakers has a particularly notable stench of political devotion that borders on religious idolatry.” The narrative is borrowed from NewsCorpse

Attendance is down | “‘Less Intellectual and More Salacious’: Commercialized, Trumpified, CPAC Is Adrift”Vanity Fair

LNP – Always Lancaster add constraints on those more vocal!lte policy.gif

We’ve observed before that our quick research shows that a preponderance of letter writers has a certain demographic flavor. This notice on the Letters-to-the-Editor page in LNP – Always Lancaster is a sign that the newspaper seems to recognize that others know it too.

And in today’s newspaper, there are two pages of Letters-to-the-Editor. Is this a sign of an engaged people or divided people?

The fair warning above (letters received beginning today) may compel writers to actually be more thoughtful as they try to add succinctness to their opinions. For example, the very first letter-to-the editor contains 294 words. The second, 286. Actually, many of the letters exceed the 250 word count limit. Less verbosity and chest-thumping will be really helpful in getting across messages.

Mark Twain had it right when he said: If you want me to give you a two-hour presentation, I am ready today. If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare.”

A new grocery chain in central PA? It could happenCentral Penn Business Journal

There’s a function in Word® called “word count.” And the word count is at the bottom left of every document file.

Two views on the greatness of America: One rational – the other, not so.

Today’s LNP – Always LancasterThe ‘general good’” recognizes that US Representative “Smucker hasn’t had a single in-person town hall since he was elected to Congress.” The editorial asks for elected public servants to “serve the public” by meeting with them in the right way. ” … keep calling for a town hall because we believe Smucker owes the people of his district — Republicans, Democrats and independents — a good, old-fashioned, face-to-face chinwag” – but citizens at town hall meetings need to be civil and respectful.

Conceal carry seminar planned at York County school draws criticism”WITF


  1. I was thinking about Mark Twain yesterday. He once said, “I only lie when it’s absolutely convenient.”

    Today’s politicians are similar except they seem to hold the truth in the same regard.

    That’s a great quote above and so true.

  2. General Good about Smucker reminds me that Robert Reich’s new book “The Common Good” was published yesterday. It would be good for Smucker to read it, but that’s not likely.

  3. Thanks for calling BS on the article in the Spy. Just about gaged before I got half way through it and had concluded exactly what you pointed out. Fake news may not be quite an accurate description; perhaps there is a better term for this kind of story?

    I enjoy looking at the Spy but do get a sort of “don’t rock the boat” vibe at times. Articles that become contentious sort of disappear if you don’t know how to find them. However, I do applaud Cole for his efforts; he is doing more for this community than most.

    • We support fully the vigorous truth-seeking pains of the Columbia Spy and others. When those who would shroud truth with secrecy or distort truth by deception, who is served?

      If the “mates” are offended, is it because of hidden facts or deceptive facts?

  4. The mates descend to name calling rather quickly don’t you think.

    True some of it is legitimate and transparency is often lacking but an awful lot of it is just plane ignorance of the laws. I’m all for debate but civility and facts matter.

    Again notice at the Spy two of the more contentious pieces have disappeared from the immediate feed. Maybe it’s just a software thing.

  5. Name calling is easy – we do it too. We refer to anonymous posters as “online terrorists.”

    That’s really unfair, because not all anonymous posters are hurling incendiary messages. Many, as you identify, are because of “ignorance of the laws.” Sometimes, that may be because information at government sites is hard to find.

    And that’s why local information sources, e.g., Columbia Spy, this site and (sometimes) social media pages, search for truths. Often, truth, as beauty … is in the eye of the beholder. Comments and posts at local social media sites often are the ignition points of truths or the shrouding of truth.

    Frankly, as with yesterday’s school incident, people should be able to go to the trusted authoritative source for information: the school district and the local law enforcement agency. In neither case, was anything posted.

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