School incident? Yes. No. Maybe.


A post and comments at a facebook page is rife with speculation about an incident in the Columbia School District.

There’s no notice acknowledging anything at the School District Website. Nor at the Columbia Police Department’s facebook page or Crimewatch page. (Evidently, a Crimewatch notice initially posted was “taken down.” – wonder why the Police Department would do that?)

But there’s this Lancaster Online article: “14-year-old student charged after making threat of violence toward Columbia Middle School Hill Campus”

There’s this article at Lancaster Online about a series of incidents at area schools. In that article, Elizabethtown School District kept folks informed with a facebook post because‘A lot of it was misinformation, … We cleared the air. ’”

In the Hempfield District, the East Hempfield Police Department facebook page contained this post: “We are providing the high school community with the following information in order to address concerns related to the closing of several bathrooms at the high school today.

Here’s a letter that Eastern York School District posted at its facebook page yesterday:

eastern letter



  1. Two of our grandsons attend Hempfield High School and their father told us that Hempfield is always transparent with regard to this type of information.

    • Eastern York school district has a red banner at the top of the district’s home page. When you click on the banner, the entire letter regarding the incident at that school is posted. Nothing to hide there either.

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