Friday’s news – 3/2/2018


“Scam call impersonates county sheriff’s office, demands $1K for missed jury duty” Lancaster Online

So the lion’s a day late – Today’s Weather! Weather alert today (high winds)


BAD NEWS: According to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: Columbia Water Company Customers will see a 8.6% rate increase in water usage bills. Others will get bigger increases.

BETTER NEWS: The Water Company did not get the huge increase it asked for. The Public Utility Commission “also prohibited the company from seeking a further general increase for at least 33 months.

Sheriff sale listing

LEGAL NOTICE: Road materials

from the mouthsor quotes from articles or facebook posts

We have a cottage in Columbia which we stay in from Spring to early Fall and never have a problem finding good eats in Columbia. Love the Black Olive. Miss them in winter.” – a post at a local facebook page

Join us Saturday as we launch City Gate Columbia!! Stop by for a tour of the building and to see what we are about.

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